Care Protect PEDI BOOT for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Care Protect PEDIBOOTS are a unique pressure ulcer prevention bootie that significantly reduces the risk of pressure ulcer development.

PEDI BOOTS are designed for patients at risk of pressure injury to the feet and are made from a high density foam and cotton knit combination.

The inner Jersey cotton lining moves with the foot, so pressure is distributed evenly and has an open toe which allows the skin to breathe.

Indicated for at risk patients arterial disease, diabetes, obesity, respiratory insufficiency, reduced mobility fractures and paraplegia/quadraplegia

Washable and re-usable with the seams on the outside, there are three sizes available.

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Kerrapro Silicone Pressure Reducing Pads

Kerrapro pressure reducing pads are designed for the prevention of pressure injury on those patients considered at risk.

KerraPro effectively redistributes this pressure, dissipating it over the pad to protect the skin from pressure ulcers.

NEW KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads help protect the skin in at-risk patients as part of a pressure ulcer prevention program.

The shaped pads are made of 100% silicone making them hard wearing, odourless and easily washable in mild soap and water. Silicone is flexible, hardwearing and has the ability to redistribute pressure to protect the skin on bony prominences such as the heel or sacrum.

The following links provide more details about the benefits of using  Kerrapro for PressureInjury Prevention

KPR040_small (Small) (Custom)

Kerrapro Body Placement brochure                            Kerrapro FAQs                                               Kerrapro Brochure


KerraPro is available in a range of shapes and thicknesses for a variety of applications