Coflex TLC is a Latex Free 2 Layer Compression bandaging system designed to treat venous leg ulcers and other conditions.

Visual indicators have been incorporated into the cohesive bandage to assist with application.


When the indicator is stretched to a full circle the bandage achieves the minimum intended compression level stated on the packaging – for Coflex TLC Lite and Coflex Zinc Lite or Calamine Lite this is 25mmHg.
If stretched over the full circle it will achieve the maximum of the intended compression range for these products, that is 30mmHg.A8840UBZ-TN_small



For the standard Coflex TLC and TLC-XL the full circle indicates 35mmHg and stretched over the full circle indicates 40mmHg.

Coflex TLC Zinc and Calamine contain an impregnated foam comfort roll and moisture resistant Cohesive Compression Bandage providing a continuous restorative compression of 25-30mmHg for patients with an ABPI of equal to or >o.5

A7802TLC- TN_smallA7800TLC-TN_small

Coflex TLC and TLC-XL provides a continuous restorative compression of 35-40mmHg for patients with an ABPI of equal to or >0.8

A7800TLC-XL_smallCoflex TLC, TLC-XL and TLC Lite have a foam layer that is impregnated with Aloe Vera to assist with odour and itch control.

Coflex products have a high working pressure and low resting pressure.

Each kit contains a foam comfort layer, hand tear-able Cohesive bandage and a nylon stocking to use over the top of the system for ease in movement. 100% Latex Free

Coflex Two Layer Compression Bandaging Product Selection Guide

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