A 2 step level of comfort and healing unlike any other Two Layer Compression Kits on the market. Coflex provides continuous restorative compression for leg ulcers.

Coflex TLC – Medicated – 25 – 30mmHg

Layer 1 is a Zinc or Calamine impregnated foam roll that rolls on cleanly and easily as a dry foam roll.
Layer 2 is the only Latex Free compression bandage to stick directly on a moist dressing allowing the use ofa low-profile medicated compression.

Visual indicators have been incorporated into the cohesive bandage to assist with application in all medicated and non – medicated kits.

Calamine and Zinc Impregnated Foam rolls are available separately.


        Coflex TLC with Calamine Kit                                                                  Coflex TLC with Zinc Kit

Coflex TLC 2 Layer Kit – Brochure

Coflex TLC – Non-Medicated – 35 -40mmHg

New itch control first layer. CoFlex TLC has added a new formula to Layer 1 that now includes Aloe to
make it more itch-resistant and comfortable on sensitive skin.
CoFlex TLC uses an odour control foam 1st layer that absorbs 85% of the odours of standard foam.

CoFlex TLC outperforms other 2 layer compression kits from the superior quality of its patented Latex Free hand tear-able cohesive bandage formula and consistent non-constricting compression.


.                         A7802TLC- TN_small.                 A7800TLC-XL_small

.                                Coflex TLC Lite Compression                                Coflex TLC XL (Extra Long)