A 2 step level of comfort and healing unlike any other Unna Boot on the market.  Coflex Unna Boot Kits (Calamine or Zinc) contain a foam comfort roll and moisture resistant Cohesive Compression Bandage.

Coflex TLC and TLC Lite have a foam layer that is impregnated with Aloe Vera to assist with odour and itch control.

Coflex products have a high working pressure and low resting pressure. Each kit also contains a nylon stocking to use over the top of the system for ease in movement.

Coflex provides continuous restorative compression for leg ulcers.

Information on Coflex Calamine and Zinc Unna Boot Compression Bandaging Systems

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        Coflex UBC Kit: Coflex Unna Boot with Calamine          Coflex UBZ Kit: CoFlex Unna Boot with Zinc

.                         CoFlex TLC Lite Box.                 CoFlex TLC XL Box

.                                Coflex TLC Lite Compression                                Coflex TLC XL (Extra Long)


Actico is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system.

Safe and effective for full leg, below knee and arm bandaging, using Flexiban as Underpadding to get an even coverage.

Suitable for patients with and without oedema. Actico bandage is applied at full stretch onto the limb.

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