Today there are many types of modern wound care products that can be used to treat different kinds of wounds, depending on the cause and the type of wound.

PolyMem woundcare products  are a multi-functional wound dressing. PolyMem dressings cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds throughout the healing cycle.

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PolyMem Finger/Toe Dressing                                 PolyMem Wound Dressings

PolyMem Finger/Toe Sizing Chart                          PolyMem Silver Wound Dressing

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Yukiban Non Woven & Alpha Tapes                     Xtrata Film Dressing                  Relevo Absorbent Dressing

Introducing the new DryMax Extra Soft Super Absorbent Wound Dressings

DryMax Extra Soft Dressings are soft sterile dressings, delivering optimal absorption for treatment of heavily exuding wounds.

The super absorbent polymers effectively capture and sequester wound fluid, containing bacteria and other substances detrimental to wound healing.

Reduces malodour and is ideal under compression
Very low profile, easy to handle and is Latex Free. Click here for Product Information Brochure  

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