ACTIVHEAL offers Clinicians a simple, clear and cost effective range of wound care products whilst ensuring the best Clinical outcomes for the patient.

The dressings in the ActivHeal range have been demonstrated to be clinically effective, whilst allowing healthcare facilities to make significant savings compared to equivalent branded products.

ActivHeal provides a comprehensive and easy to use selection of dressings, to support healing in all acute and chronic wound types.


  • ActivHeal Foam Adhesive, a two-layer dressing with an absorbent polyurethane foam core, which absorbs wound exudate vertically, holding it within the dressing, thus preventing maceration to the peri-wound and surrounding skin.
  • ActivHeal Foam Non-Adhesive, with two-layer construction, is an ideal absorbent dressing that is used as a key part of a wound dressing regimen, suitable for use under compression bandaging.
  • ActivHeal Aquafiber, a soft, conformable, highly absorbent fibre dressing that converts to a soft clear gel when in contact with wound exudate.
  • ActivHeal Alginate, which absorbs exudate, encouraging a moist wound environment and can be used to control minor bleeding.
  • ActivHeal Hydrogel, specially formulated with a high water content to donate moisture to dry, necrotic and sloughy wounds.
  • ActivHeal Hydrocolloid, which provides an ideal moist environment, encouraging autolytic debridement and promoting granulation.



Activheal Alginate

Activheal Foam

Activheal Hydrocolloid

Activheal Aquafiber

Activheal Hydrogel

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