Trio Elite – sting free adhesive remover

Wound Care – dressings and fixation devices.elite

The new, 100% breathable Silicone technology of Trio Elite will painlessly remove dressings, tapes and fixation devices without causing trauma to the skin. Trio Elite is hypoallergenic and the aerosol even sprays at any angle.

The next generation of breathable Silicone medical adhesive removers has arrived.

Trio Elite does not use a traditional propellant and will not feel cold when coming in contact with your skin. When quick, painless and atraumatic removal of medical adhesives from skin is required. Trio Elite – Brochure Here

The new, proven, silicone-based technology of Elite releases adhesive dressings in seconds. Now you can easily remove dressings without causing pain or trauma. Elite by name, Elite by nature.

Trio Elisse – sting free skin barrier

elisse-productWound Care – dressings and fixation devices.

Peri-wound skin can become macerated and delicate. Trio Elisse sting free skin barrier is formulated to protect the skin from the damaging effects of exudate, enzyme attack and adhesives.

Trio Elisse soothes reddened and sore skin. Reduces itching!

Skin is the largest organ of your body and usually provides an excellent barrier function. For many people however, keeping skin healthy becomes a daily challenge. Using the latest in silicone technology, Trio Elisse has been carefully developed to protect skin from irritation caused by the damaging effects of adhesives and body fluids.

Elisse is the next generation of breathable Silicone liquid skin barriers. Trio Elisse – Brochure Here