Sutherland Medical is delighted to introduce product from the Hunter Urology portfolio of Catheters to the Australian market.

Hunter Cath

cath        The unique feature of the HunterCath is the flexible tip.

This catheter is used for a variety of patients who have difficulty with urethral insertion, a continence urinary diversion also known as Mitrofanoff, or men with enlarged prostates.

The male length CH14 catheter has four eyelets to allow for superior mucus and urinary drainage.

View our Hunter product brochure hereemteva

Emteva is the worlds first developed Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC)  for women that is made from corn starch which means it is 100% bio-degradable. Emteva has a unique closing mechanism so the patient can decide when she is ready to void.


Using Yukiban tapes on all tubing consumables associated with dialysis, will help to protect the delicate Stratum Corneum from damage.