CollarForm is a strong, stretch resistant sling made of a 5cm wide strip of dense foam that can be cut to required lengths, and is covered with a  pure cotton stockinette. CollarForm is ideally designed to immobilise the clavicle

CollarCare Padded Arm Sling and CollarCare Light are particularly suitable for CVA patients requiring long term limb support and immobilisation. The “D” buckle design allows for both products to be adjusted to suit a large variety of applications. Both CollarCare Padded and CollarCare Light Arm Slings also include a circumferential waist strap allowing the arm to be fixed at the body for complete shoulder immobilisation.

Sutherland Medical Soft Foam Cervical Collars are manufactured from a high density, non latex foam and covered in a natural 100% cotton stockinette to provide a comfortable and contoured fit. Many choices of widths and lengths.

All products are 100% Australian Made and LATEX FREE.

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