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Tubular Form Compression Bandages are 100% Australian made and Owned as well as 100% guaranteed LATEX FREE.

Tubular Form can safely be nurse initiated to achieve various levels of compression for patient compliance and comfort up to approximately 30mmHg.

Tubular Form is the only tubular compression bandage that is clinically proven to heal venous leg ulcers with Three Layer Graduated Compression Therapy (See Weller et.al RCT link below)    

Tubular Form SSB (Shaped Support Bandages) give between 17 – 22mmHg of graduated compression management under only one layer and comes in a range of full and half leg sizes – from Small legs to Extra, Extra Large legs.

Click the links below to view product information and tools for correctly measuring the Tubular Form range

Tubular Form Brochure

Tubular Form Three Layer Application Instructions

Tubular Form Measuring Guide

Clinical papers – Weller et. al. 3 layer RCT for venous ulcers

Tubular Form SSB Brochure

Graduated Compression Therapy Management