PolyMem Woundcare Dressings are a multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing, which offers a simplified and cost effective approach to healing and pain relief for a wide range of acute and chronic wounds.

PolyMem dressings cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds throughout the healing cycle.

PolyMem dressings can be used on a wide variety of wounds and at different stages of healing. In addition to wound cleansing, debridement and fluid handling, PolyMem can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation to stimulate healing. The ability to combine a number of actions can help to simplify dressing selection, reduce risk and improve outcomes.

There are many different shapes and sizes of the PolyMem range to choose from – see the Order form with product codes HERE

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Polymem finger          22002075Pink sacralPolyMemPolymem_Tube_Shapes

PolyMem Finger/Toe Dressing                                 PolyMem Wound Dressings

PolyMem Finger/Toe Sizing Chart                          PolyMem Silver Wound Dressing

SURGIPORE Non Woven surgical tapes are a highly breathable tape that is gentle to the skin. SURGIPORE tapes offer reliable securement of dressings and devices and is 100% Latex Free

Surgipore Non Woven Tapes


Dresspore Non-woven dressing retention sheet that is highly comfortable, conformable and secure

Dresspore Non-Woven Dressing Plaster

Find more details on SURGIPORE and Dresspore in our Brochure

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