Trio Silex – Silicone Flange Extender

When extra adhesion and enhanced protection against leakage is required, Trio Silex soft silicone flange extender is your product of choice. Designed to ensure the edges of your base plate do not lift, but instead are kept securely in place, Trio Silex is probably the most flexible and secure ostomy fixation device available. Silex Flange Extender – Brochure

With its instant, high-tack, soft silicone gel adhesive, Trio Silex will allow for significantly more freedom of body movement than hydrocolloid products. This is due to its very thin profile and flexible construction. For use on either one or two-piece ostomy appliances, keeping your base plate secure can mean longer wear times, greater comfort and peace of mind.silken-gel-custom

Trio Silken – Silicone Stomal Gel

Have you ever wished that you could remove your hydrocolloid paste or strip in one piece leaving no residue? 

Trio Silken is a silicone gel that is used to fill skin folds, creases and uneven areas around the peristomal skin to provide a better surface for the application of an ostomy appliance. Unlike hydrocolloid pastes or strips, Trio Silken will not absorb moisture or body waste and will not break down, leaving you with a difficult and messy substance to remove. Instead, as wear time progresses, Trio Silken cures to a single piece of silicone adhesive that removes in one piece when fully cured. Silken Gel – Brochure Here